Do you like sharing images of your favourite beauty products to your personal social media channels? With billions of posts being shared to social media networks every day, the visual element of that content is key, so we thought it was a nice idea to share a few useful tips in particular for how to take a great image incorporating beauty products.

There is quite an art to taking beautiful images that include cosmetic products, and the below tips have been created for anyone who is interested in developing their personal social media style and would like to create eye catching, engaging content.

The tips include examples of great social media photography featuring our good for you make-up collection. We are committed to delivering make-up made with 100% natural ingredients and formulated without unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives often found in cosmetics.

Tip Number 1: Before you start taking any photos, make sure your phone or camera lens is clean!

Below are our tips that you can use for your social media photography:

Consistency: Work towards creating a consistent, unique style for your images and social media accounts - think about it as being your own personal brand. That way, anyone who follows you will immediately recognise that you’ve published that specific piece of content. This includes:

  • Filters - either via your smartphone camera or photography apps  
  • How much you edit an image
  • Content themes
  • Exposure
  • Saturation
  • Colour vs. black & white


Images courtesy of: @melhwang & @nourish_naturally

Lighting: Definitely one of the most important elements of your photo. Natural light is always the best; especially at sunrise or sunset. If you’re shooting inside (without lighting equipment) where possible shoot close to a window, and try to avoid:

  • Too much artificial lighting
  • Shadows, darkness and unwanted reflections


Images courtesy of: @nattdesu & @y.a.t.r.i

Frame & Composition: Here your aim is to draw the viewer’s eye and focus to the subject of your image, such as a bottle of foundation. Photographers generally work to a rule of thirds in terms of alignment when shooting images, however you’ll also notice these days that social images quite often feature the subject in the centre of the image. A few tips we have regarding composition are:

  • Many people like to use the grid line feature on their smartphones to line up the subject in their photo. This feature makes taking photos much easier!
  • Remember when you’re uploading images to social channels that the frame can be smaller than your original, so shoot images with that in mind
  • Rather than zooming in too much when taking the photo, instead crop the image when you’re editing it
  • Shoot your photo or video in landscape or portrait, depending on the social channel you’re uploading it to
  • When shooting, take a few different angles, to give you multiple options to choose as the final image to use


Images courtesy of: @itsmotherland & @jestem_kasia

Product Visibility: When you’re including beauty products in your images, make sure the product is:

  • Visible and not too small
  • That the product and brand name is clear
  • Packaging is clean and doesn’t have fingerprints all over it
  • If a product has a mirror, check for reflections


Images courtesy of: @erisa__kurti & @jacksteel_au

Your Look - If your images include before & after shots of yourself (or friends, models) with products applied, you’re demonstrating how to use a product, or you are holding a product, it’s important to make sure:

  • Your image style is consistent
  • It’s clear what type of look you’ve created (for example ‘Date Night Look’)
  • If your hands are in frame - make sure fingernails are clean and nail polish isn’t chipped
  • Image background is simple
  • If you’re demonstrating how a product looks on your skin, make sure that is the focus of the image
  • Try to avoid shadows and stripes of light running across your face
  • If you’re featuring complexion products like foundation or concealer, make sure the shade you use is correct

@xoxotsumi @lillehoang @ashleighhuynh

Images courtesy of: @xoxotsumi @lillehoang@ashleighhuynh

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously - Always be yourself, and don’t change your own personal style to adapt to what you think is going to get you more Likes. Be authentic, and have fun.


Images courtesy of: @teegly & @signecatseyes

Tag Your Favourite Brand - Don’t be afraid to tag a brand if you’ve used their products in your post. It’s a great way to be discovered, and regrammed by a brand that you really love. It may also lead to you being selected by that brand to collaborate with them in the future.

Are there any tips you think are missing? Let us know. 



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