Melissa Merk is a down-to-earth Vancouver based content creator and model. She started her YouTube channel at the age of 15, and now has over 460,000 subscribers. She publishes honest, personal and relatable weekly vlogs about beauty, fitness, lifestyle and travel to YouTube. 

Melissa has been collaborating with us recently, and published her tips about how to create a bronzed, glowing natural make-up look in a video tutorial, featuring our cruelty-free make-up collection. Watch the tutorial here

Melissa Merk

We caught up with Melissa this week, and below you can read all the details of our interview:

Nude by Nature (NBN)Are you able to share a little about your own story in terms of how you started your YouTube channel during your teens, your modelling career and your focus when it comes to creating content now for your social media channels.

Melissa: I started my YouTube channel 10 years ago! So crazy. I only planned on posting one or two videos, and thought maybe one day I would get 100 subscribers. Never expected social media to turn into a career, but I couldn’t be happier about it. Still trying to figure out exactly what I want with my content right now, but something with a focus around living a healthy lifestyle is what I'm thinking.

 Melissa Merk

NBN: It seems that you prioritise and focus on your health and wellbeing. It’s so important for us all to look after our bodies and minds. What are your favourite ways to maintain a positive wellbeing?

Melissa: Balance is key so I still like to go out for a drink, or have a treat on occasion. I don’t restrict my eating in anyway, however I eat pretty clean. Workout wise - I love to try out different classes at my gym, HIIT workouts if I’m working out solo and go for hikes on the weekend.

Melissa Merk

NBN: Which beauty products do you think are essential for Canadian women to use during the summer season?

Melissa: I’m not great when it comes to wearing sunscreen. Luckily a lot of face products have SPF in them so my face always has protection. Also, lip balm for me is key.

NBNWhat are your favourite Nude by Nature products, and why?

MelissaMy favourite products right now are the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation and Natural Glow Loose Bronzer. They give a great natural, bronze complexion thats also lightweight. Great for the summertime!

NBNA couple of our biggest points of difference as a brand is that all our make-up products are enriched with 100% natural ingredients, and we are proudly cruelty-free. Do you think people are becoming more aware of what’s in the make-up that they use, and re-thinking their product choices?

MelissaPeople are definitely more aware of what products they’re using and about ingredients. I’ve really noticed in the past couple of years that a healthy lifestyle/being eco friendly has gained popularity, and its great!

NBN: Have you spotted any beauty trends that you think will be big in the next 12 months?

MelissaI’ve been noticing more natural looks, or putting the make-up focus on one particular thing.  

NBNAre you planning any big trips, or getaways this summer?

MelissaVancouver summers are the best, so I’m hoping to stick around here for the most part.

Melissa Merk

NBN: Can you tell us about a couple of your most favourite travel destinations, and why.

MelissaMy favourite place I’ve been to so far is Mykonos in Greece. It’s so beautiful, and they have the best cappuccinos!

NBN: What are your ‘go to’ social media channels to scroll through when you’re relaxing?

MelissaYouTube is my number one. I’m currently into vlogs and fitness videos.

NBN: Do you follow any other content creators, or publishers that you recommend and find inspiring? 

Melissa: I’m currently obsessed with Kristin Johns on YouTube and Instagram.

Melissa Merk

NBN: As a Vancouver local, do you have any top tips for places to visit that you like to suggest to visitors?

Melissa: I always recommend biking the Seawall. There are a lot of great cafes, breweries and restaurants to check out. I have a video on my YouTube channel sharing some of my favourite cafes in Vancouver!

Check Melissa's video 'My Top 5 Best Cafes in Vancouver' out here.

NBN: What’s coming up for you in the next 12 months? Anything exciting that you can tell us about?

Melissa: I am working on a secret project right now. Hoping to launch in the Fall/Winter of this year! Stay tuned. 

Melissa Merk

Great chatting with you Melissa. Thanks!

All images courtesy of Melissa Merk



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