Michelle Crossan

Image courtesy of Michelle Crossan

We've collaborated a few times in the past year with beauty expert Michelle Crossan. These collaborations have included our Coachella partnership and the launch of our Natural Lip Collection.

Originally hailing from Ireland, Michelle has called Australia home for a few years now, and it's in Australia that she started her blog, followed by her YouTube channel featuring make-up tutorials, product reviews and get ready with me style vlogs. 

We recently caught up with Michelle, and took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her career, beauty and upcoming 12 months.

Michelle Crossan

Image courtesy of Michelle Crossan

Read our chat below:

Nude by Nature (NbN)We’d love to hear more about your professional background, including your move from your native Ireland to Sydney. Are you able to share your story with us?

MichelleI’ve worn so many hats in my career journey that didn’t make sense at the time, but have all led to my current skill set, passion, knowledge and love of the beauty blogging industry. I trained as a hairdresser and beauty therapist for two years after school, and then after a while moved on to an apprenticeship in the salon chain Toni and Guy. I loved hair, makeup, styling and product testing, but I found the client facing, treatment aspect of the industry didn’t fulfil me so I took a step back from beauty and began studying Science, specifically Toxicology - I’m a closet geek for all things science. I loved learning about all things science based and the human body, but soon began to realise that I wouldn’t be happy working in a science lab everyday, which is ultimately where such a degree would lead me.

I made the difficult choice to step back from study and allowed myself to relax and find myself by working in retail for a few years. I knew it would be better to wait and see what I truly wanted to do than to jump into careers that wouldn’t make me happy in the long run. I worked for various retail companies after that which eventually led me to London where I fell in love with a Kiwi boy and decided to move to Australia with him.

Once in Australia I began my written blog as a hobby to pass the time during a long stint of poor health that saw me hospitalised for a while. It was a very difficult and lonely time but I’m so glad it happened because it brought me to the incredible online beauty community. I loved trying and reviewing products and sharing my finds with other like minded girls. It gave me purpose and made me so happy. I just wanted to help other women feel their best, and help them spend their money wisely. I then moved on to learn more about photography and videography which I loved so I started my YouTube channel, and the rest is history!

Michelle Crossan

Image courtesy of Michelle Crossan

NbNWhen it comes to health and wellbeing, what are a few of your favourite, regular things that you love to do?

Michelle: I go to the gym every single day whether it’s for a light stretching session, 10km on the bike or an intense weightlifting workout. I don’t plan it, I don’t time myself, I’m not there to be ‘thin’, I simply adore the mental clarity that going to the gym gives me. Making time each day for the mind / body connection is life changing.

I’m a huge advocate of sleep and meditation too. If we deprive ourselves of enough rest and time to reflect, you’re asking for trouble! Nothing should stop you from prioritising your mental and physical wellbeing.

NbNWhat’s your favourite Nude by Nature product(s), and why?

MichelleThe Moisture Shine Lipsticks have been a favourite of mine since I tried them on our trip to Coachella last year! Especially the nude shades! The shades are so flattering and versatile for everyday wear; whether you’re grabbing groceries or heading to a meeting. They have fab pigment but feel lightweight and nourishing on the lips so it’s like you’re just wearing a lip balm. They don’t need any maintenance during the day - I can easily re-apply mine in an Uber without a mirror which is 'total lippie goals'!

Michelle Crossan

Image courtesy of Michelle Crossan

NbN: Do you have any time saving beauty hacks?

MichelleUse your fave nude lipstick from the Moisture Shine range as a cream blush when you’re in a rush. Saves on the brain power needed for choosing a blush shade on busy days!

NbNWhat beauty products do you recommend every woman owns?

Michelle: I think every woman needs a great mascara, tinted brow gel and a light foundation that lets her skin and natural beauty shine through. These simple products enhance natural features without masking them, and you don’t need to be a makeup artist to apply them.

Michelle Crossan

Image courtesy of Jack Steel, shot at Coachella 2018

NbNAre there any beauty or fashion trends that you’ve spotted that you think will be big in the next 12 months?

MichelleI love that the beauty industry is veering back towards fluffier brows and super glowy skin. Makeup doesn’t need to be super precise and technical to be beautiful.

NbNWhen it comes to social media, what is your favourite channel to scroll through when you’re chilling out?

MichelleI love YouTube! I rarely sit and watch it but I’m always listening to something in my headphones when I’m pottering around. Podcasts are great for on the go too!

NbNDo you have any favourite influencers, YouTubers or content creators that you religiously follow? If so, who are they?

MichelleI have sooo many people that I love to follow. It’s really hard to choose! I adore Allana Davison’s content right now though. She’s such a nice girl with an interesting range of content. She’s the girl you wanna be besties with!

Michelle Crossan

Image courtesy of Jack Steel, shot at Coachella 2018

NbNIt’s hard to believe that it’s already a year since you were in Coachella! We were so thrilled to be part of that trip, as the official Make-up Partner. What were a few of the highlights from Coachella for you?

MichelleI can’t believe it was a year ago! The whole trip was a highlight to be honest! I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a beautiful breakfast one morning in Palm Springs with Nude by Nature to chill and try new products, and I just remember sitting there in the sunshine, swatching gorgeous new products and thinking I was the luckiest girl in the world.

NbN: What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Michelle: Life is really good right now and I’m so excited about the future! I have a month long trip to Bali coming up that I’m really looking forward to so that I can create beautiful, new exciting content for my followers in a new environment.

Steph Bailey & Michelle Crossan

Michelle with good friend Steph Bailey, at the Nude by Nature 10th Birthday celebration, shot by Jack Steel

NbN: Do you have a favourite motivational quote? If so, are you able to share it with us.

MichelleMy latest fave is “She is not your competition. She is your sister.”

NbNLast question! Do you have any fave places in Sydney that you recommend visitors head to?

MichelleI recently discovered a gorgeous new restaurant in Glebe called The Charleston. They have yummy food, pretty cocktails, and the place is pink which makes for a perfect insta pic setting!



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