Natalie Lucas - From Luxe With Love

Content creator and blogger Natalie Lucas calls Sydney home, and you'll often see the inner city architecture featuring in her beautiful content. 

Natalie, an ex make-up artist and model started her blog From Luxe With Love a few years back, and her Instagram account is one to follow for the latest style, travel and beauty tips. If you like flatlay images - definitely check out her Instagram account, as she shoots brilliant flatlays! 

We have recently been collaborating with Natalie, and took the opportunity last week to have a chat with her to catch up. 

Natalie Lucas - From Luxe With Love

Nude by Nature (NBN): What do you think are a couple of the most important beauty products that every woman should own?

Natalie: It’s so hard to choose just a few! Definitely sunscreen; it's so important, a good concealer to fake your way to 8 hours of sleep, an eyelash curler and mascara to instantly open up the eyes, blush to give the complexion a healthy flush, and a tinted lip balm are all a must for me. Oh, and I can’t forget dry shampoo – an essential for those busy / lazy days!

NBN: What are a couple of your favourite beauty hacks?

Natalie: One of my favourite beauty hacks would be using soap to set my eyebrows – it works wonders in setting brows in place all day long whilst making them look fuller. I also love to run a white or nude coloured pencil through my waterline to help instantly brighten my eyes - particularly when I’m looking extra tired. Lastly, a cream lipstick doubles as a great blush if you’ve only got one product on hand.

Natalie Lucas - From Luxe With Love

NBN: Can you share which are your favourite Nude by Nature products? 

Natalie: The Defining Lip Pencil and Moisture Shine Lipstick both in shade ‘02’ are my newest favourites. Together, these are one of my go-to every day lip combos. They’re comfortable to wear as the lipstick is nice and hydrating, and full of natural, good for you ingredients. The average women consumes a fair amount of lipstick in a lifetime, so I think working towards lip products that contain natural ingredients is particularly important. 

Natalie Lucas - Instagram

NBNWe’d love to hear more about your personal background, and career. How long ago did you start your blog From Luxe With Love, and what was the biggest reason why you did?

Natalie: I started From Luxe With Love back in 2014 when I was studying on exchange in Canada. It initially started as an outlet to share photos from my travels and some of my favourite places, but quickly grew into a space to share some of my fashion and beauty favourites too. I always loved styling product shots and flatlays, and having worked as a make-up artist, I had no shortage of products to work with! 

NBNHave you always loved luxury brands, and can you share your key reasons for focusing on this market with From Luxe With Love.

Natalie: Working as a make-up artist in the past, I always loved luxury make-up and skincare – I can’t go past some good, luxe packaging! I’ve definitely got more into luxury over the last couple of years though (it’s always a bit harder to shop when you’re a student!). I love sharing beautiful, luxe items over on From Luxe With Love, both the ones I’ve purchased and the ones on my wish list.

Natalie Lucas - From Luxe With Love

NBNYour photography incorporates lots of flatlays. Can you share any tips for taking a great flatlay image?

Natalie: Good lighting and a clean backdrop is always a great place to start. Natural lighting works best, but if you don’t have access to this there are some great affordable lighting options around. For example, I like to use two Softboxes if I’m shooting at night. I like to build layers within a shot with props like magazines, and start with a few key centre pieces then build the shot from there.

NBNCan you share a couple of the top destinations on your personal travel bucket list?

Natalie: I definitely want to make it to the Amalfi Coast in the next couple of years. I always love travelling throughout Europe but the Maldives is also on my list – it looks so dreamy and relaxing! 

Natalie Lucas - From Luxe With Love

NBNDo you have any tips for packing clothes and beauty products for a holiday?

Natalie: Travel sized products will always be your best friend when travelling, particularly internationally as everything needs to be under 100ml. If you can’t find your favourite products in travel size, decant them into smaller containers. When packing clothes, rolling them will leave your clothes with less creases and allow you to fit more.

NBN: We'd love to hear about a few of your favourite Instagram accounts, that you enjoy following. 

NatalieI love thehautepursuit, blankitinerary, figtny and oracle fox

NBNAs a Sydney local, are you able to let us know a couple of your favourite quintessentially Sydney things that visitors should plan on doing?

NatalieSeeing the Opera House and Harbour Bridge is definitely a must if you’ve never been to Sydney before. The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is also something I’d definitely recommend, just start early to avoid the crowds. I love eating my way around cities that I visit, so I’m always on the lookout for cute food spots like The Grounds of Alexandria, Flower Child, Bread and Circus, The Boathouse and Celsius Coffee Co.

Natalie Lucas - From Luxe With Love

All images courtesy of Natalie Lucas.  




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