The Sheer Glow BB Cream is Nude by Nature’s latest all-in-one complexion product, that instantly helps even out skin tone, minimise the appearance of fine lines and imperfections, for a natural luminous finish. So how do you best apply this multi-purpose complexion product?

Before we begin, let’s first address some of the most frequently asked BB Cream questions:

What is BB Cream?

The abbreviation “BB” is short for “blemish balm”, “blemish base” or “beauty balm”. Essentially, BB Creams are a hybrid between a skincare and make-up product designed to provide natural make-up coverage with added skincare benefits. BB Creams can be used as a moisturiser, primer and every day foundation. In fact, this multi-functional cream was first developed by dermatologists for patients to use after laser treatments to cover blemishes, redness and skin discolourations without damaging the skin during post-surgical recovery.

BB Creams quickly became a popular beauty trend and make-up bag staple but not all BBs are made the same. Our Sheer Glow BB Cream is enriched with high-performing active natural ingredients such as Phytomoist and Desert Date Oil to perfect the complexion, while specifically omitting synthetic ingredients and preservatives commonly found in traditional make-up.

Are BB Creams Better Than Foundation?

BB Creams are known to be more beneficial for the skin compared to foundations. However, all Nude by Nature products are 100% naturally derived and full of ‘good for you’ ingredients. Therefore, whether you choose to use a BB Cream or foundation is dependent on your make-up preferences:

  • Coverage: BB Creams are typically described as having similar coverage to a product that is in between a tinted moisturiser and foundation. The Sheer Glow BB Cream  offers sheer to light coverage to help even out skin tone and minimise imperfections with an effortless, natural look. On the other hand, foundations such as the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation  or Flawless Pressed Powder Foundation  have a buildable medium-to-full coverage.
  • Finish: BB Creams are known to give your skin a healthy glow with a dewy finish. The Sheer Glow BB Cream  is designed to give a natural, luminous finish that instantly enhances the complexion without looking or feeling heavy on the skin. Foundations on the other hand, such as our Flawless Pressed Powder Foundation, provide a semi-matte finish that helps control oil and shine.

Overall, both BB Creams and foundations each have their own benefits and key results. We recommend alternating between the two depending on the make-up look you would like to achieve. You can even use the Sheer Glow BB Cream  as a natural primer for your foundation for added skincare benefits.

Are BB Creams Worth It?

BB Creams can be used to hydrate your skin like a moisturiser, smooth and prepare your skin like a primer and even out your complexion like a foundation while also providing SPF protection. The Sheer Glow BB Cream  is a great all-in-one product for those who prefer a simple beauty regime.

In addition to this, the Sheer Glow BB Cream contains active natural ingredients, including Phytomoist and the native Australian Kakadu Plum known for its abundant Vitamin C content, Quandong and Desert Lime to help fight the visible signs of ageing. The lightweight, non-greasy texture is enriched with moisturising Aloe Vera and Desert Date Oil to benefit the skin and perfect the complexion.

How To Apply BB Cream

For best results, Nude by Nature recommends using the Sheer Glow BB Cream  with the BB Brush. The soft, dense bristles of the BB Brush  are perfect for delivering flawless blending and even coverage for a natural, luminous finish. The BB Brush is also ergonomically designed for the best control and is made of ultra-soft high quality synthetic fibres; therefore it's cruelty-free.

Watch our tutorial to see how you can achieve airbrushed and luminous looking skin with our Sheer Glow BB Cream and BB Brush.



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