How To Easily Create A Natural, Flawless Look

Minimalist Make-up

Written by Guest Contributor: Andrea Karr

I love make-up. I love the way it can transform the way I look, make me into a different person for a night or complement my outfit. But when it comes to my day-to-day face, I have three key priorities: cut down on time in front of the mirror, use only a handful of quality products (especially because I travel a lot), and to look as natural as possible. For me, natural but better means an even skin tone, a touch of glow and defined brows and lashes.

Here’s my minimalist routine and all the tips I’ve learned from make-up artists throughout my years as a beauty writer and editor:

Always, Always Prime First:

After completing my skin-care routine and before applying foundation, I like to prep my skin with primer. A good primer will reinforce your skin care with moisturizing ingredients and smooth your skin’s texture to allow for even make-up application. Primers also give other make-up products, like foundation and eyeshadow, added longevity so you don’t have to touch-up throughout the day. If you find that your foundation pills when applied on top of a primer, you’re probably using too much primer or not allowing enough time for it to absorb.

My Nude by Nature Pick: When smoothed on with the fingertips, the Perfecting Primer creates an even, luminous base and extends make-up wear. It also helps to disguise blemishes, and goes beyond traditional make-up to fight signs of aging and to protect the skin with one of Australia’s best-kept secrets; the antioxidant rich Kakadu Plum. I also love the fact that all Nude by Nature products are cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Perfecting Primer

Conceal Trouble Spots:

Thicker than a foundation and better for covering small areas that have a lot of pigment such as under-eye circles and blemishes, concealer is the secret weapon that I carry around in my purse no matter where I go. I’m lucky that I don’t really have circles under my eyes, but I frequently find spots on my chin and nose that I like to hide. If I’m using powder foundation, I apply concealer first so that it doesn’t clump, but when I use liquid or cream foundation, I apply concealer second. Whether you prefer a brush or your fingers, pat a small amount of concealer on the area that you wish to cover. Don’t rub or spread the concealer, but tap it on. You can blend the edges, but try to keep a thicker layer directly on the area that you want to conceal. This technique only works if you have a good shade match.

My Nude by Nature Pick: I personally like creamy liquid concealers rather than sticks (though many people love sticks because they tend to have more coverage), so the Perfecting Concealer is an excellent choice for me. It also works well for people with dark circles because it disguises both pigment and puffiness and improves skin radiance with powerful natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum, vitamin E, jojoba and shea butter.

Perfecting Concealer

Build Foundation From The Centre & Work Out:

When it comes to foundation, less is more, so start with less product and build up to your desired level of coverage. Most people carry extra pigmentation and redness around their nose and chin, so it’s a smart idea to start your application on those areas and blend outward to the areas that require less coverage.

My Nude by Nature Pick: One of the hero products from Australia’s no. 1 mineral make-up brand, the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation provides lightweight, buildable coverage to even out the complexion and disguise redness, pigmentation and enlarged pores—all while controlling oil and shine. Like all Nude by Nature products, it’s enriched with 100% natural ingredients and contains no synthetic ingredients or preservatives.

Radiant Loose Powder Foundation

Highlight Your High Points:

One of the best ways to distract from skin imperfections and create a healthy-looking glow is to use a creamy highlighter or highlighter stick that’s similar to your skin tone, but with a touch of sheen. Blend it on the high points of your face (your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your brow bones and your cupid’s bow). You can also use it on your eyelids instead of eyeshadow.

My Nude by Nature Pick: I like a highlighter stick because it’s not messy and you don’t need a brush to apply it. Try the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick, which transforms from cream-to-powder, is super blendable and easy to use. Plus, it contains ingredients such as Vitamin E and Kakadu Plum which are high in antioxidant content.

Touch of Glow Highlight Stick

Define Lashes & Brows:

Lush lashes frame the eyes while groomed brows frame the face. I prefer to curl my lashes before applying mascara, then add several coats on the top and bottom lashes, making sure to work my wand right into the roots. For my brows, I comb them with a clean spoolie brush, trace an arch and then fill in any sparse areas with pencil. I comb again to blend.

My Nude by Nature Picks: Condition your lashes with pro vitamin B5 and give them intensity and length with Allure Defining Mascara. Try the Defining Brow Pencil with spoolie brush and easy-glide formula to draw long-wearing, natural arches.

Allure Defining Mascara Defining Brow Pencil

Hydrate & Tint Lips:

While I do sometimes wear lipstick, I find that tinted lip balms in rose or berry hues create the most natural finish while also being super low-maintenance. I like that I can reapply them throughout the day without ever looking in a mirror.

My Nude by Nature Pick: The Sheer Glow Colour Balm is perfect for conditioning and nourishing my parched lips with mango seed butter, vitamin E and moisturizing microspheres. Berry (04) is my personal fave shade. 

Sheer Glow Colour Balm

If you are interested in a few of these good for you make-up products, Nude by Nature sell the Complexion Essentials Starter Kit that includes the Perfecting Primer, Perfecting Concealer and Radiant Loose Powder Foundation.  

Complexion Essentials Starter Kit

With make-up that’s cruelty-free, good for you and full of powerful natural ingredients, creating a quick, minimalist make-up look is a total cinch.

Minimalist make-up tips


Andrea Karr

Written by Guest Contributor: Andrea Karr






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