Matte Make-up All Day
Written by Guest Contributor: Tara MacInnis


It’s such a pain to spend precious morning time putting on make-up that’s supposed to minimize shine and cover imperfections, only to find that it’s stopped doing its job by 10 a.m. Few things are worse, in my opinion. Getting your make-up to stay put through a busy day is a feat, even if you have perfect skin. Add oiliness to the mix, and even the most long-wearing make-up will still move. That’s because, as your pores produce sebum, that sebum can break down your make-up.

If you’re using skincare formulated for oily complexions, that’s a great start. But, how you apply your make-up, and what make-up you’re using can really seal the deal. Read on for four steps and product recommendations to take your make-up routine to that stay-all-day level.  


Step 1: Prime

Perfecting Primer

Properly prepping your face for your make-up beyond your favourite moisturizer is a really common oversight, and it’s a shame, because priming can make a huge difference. When you add a layer of primer underneath your make-up, you’re creating a more even base for your foundation, and your foundation won’t have to work as hard to stay – a primer can even do a bit of the coverage for it, too.

When you’re choosing a primer, stay away from anything with silicones. Silicones will clog your pores and dehydrate your skin, sending that sebum production into overdrive, something you don’t want if your skin is already oily. The Perfecting Primer has zero silicones, and it’s formulated with Vitamin C and antioxidants, so it’ll treat your skin while it preps it for what’s next.

Step 2: Conceal

Flawless Concealer

After you’ve let your skin absorb your Perfecting Primer for about five minutes, identify any areas with redness or imperfections, and grab a concealer. Go for one that’s long-wearing and has ingredients that’ll absorb any of that excess oil. The Flawless Concealer is just the ticket, with bamboo powder to minimize shine, and antioxidants to keep your skin looking its best.

Dot a light layer on to those imperfections either right from the tube, or with your ring finger, blending well. You’ll get longer wear if you start with a thin layer and then build, rather than applying lots immediately. Focus on your t-zone, and under your eyes if you’re trying to cover dark circles. Bonus: If your concealer works hard enough, like the Flawless Concealer does, you’ll be able to get away with less foundation.

Step 3: Cover

Flawless Liquid Foundation

The most important order of business when you want a matte finish that’ll last is finding a foundation that’s oil-free, like the Flawless Liquid Foundation. It makes sense – one that’s made with oil will add to the shine you already have. Along with being oil-free, the Flawless Liquid Foundation is also fragrance-free, long-lasting and loaded with ingredients like bamboo powder and antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum that treat your skin while leaving behind a smooth, satin-matte finish.

As with your concealer, apply foundation lightly, and then layer on more later if you need more coverage. You can use your fingers, but liquid foundations are usually easiest to apply with a liquid foundation or buffing brush. It’ll help you to get into all the crevices of your face, and get a super even, perfectly blended finish.

Tip: For best results, when applying the Flawless Liquid Foundation, start with the Perfecting Primer, and then apply a small amount of the Flawless Liquid Foundation (1 pump) to the back of the hand. Apply and blend the foundation with a Buffing Brush, using quick circular motions to ensure an even application. Coverage can be built from medium to full as required, we recommend using a stippling (dabbing) action to apply additional coverage.

Step 4: Set

Mattifying Pressed Setting Powder

This step is almost as important as priming, and definitely shouldn’t be skipped. So, dust the Mattifying Pressed Setting Powder all over your face, focusing on the areas that tend to get shiny through the day, like your nose and forehead. Be sure to use more of a stippling motion rather than dragging the brush across your face, because that dragging could make your make-up move. The finishing powder’s Kaolin Clay will do that oil-absorbing work, while shea butter nourishes your skin, keeping it hydrated so those sebum-producing pores don’t overdo it. An alternative is the Translucent Loose Finishing Powder. It’s also formulated with Kaolin Clay to absorb excess oil, and its light-reflecting micro particles will help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Dust it over top of your make-up to add an extra hit of shine-control, and to help your make-up last.

Translucent Loose Finishing Powder

You’re set for the day! But, if you’re still worried about movement, we feel you. So, toss that Mattifying Pressed Setting Powder in your bag for midday touch ups, and remember to pat when you re-apply, no dragging allowed.

The best part? Every product used in this routine is cruelty-free, enriched with 100% natural ingredients and made without synthetic ingredients or preservatives. 

Matte Make-up All Day


Tara MacInnis

Written by Guest Contributor: Tara MacInnis






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