Kelsey Heinrichs

Gorgeous Kelsey Heinrichs is a London based Aussie creative, photographer, graphic designer, blogger and founder of the Creative Gal Gang community. You'll find her on Instagram under the @kelseyinlondon handle, and it won't take long to figure out that she also loves to travel! 

We caught up recently with Kelsey, and you can read what we chatted about below:

Kelsey Heinrichs

Nude by Nature (NbN): We’d love to hear more about your professional background, and the work you do in a Creative Director and graphic design capacity.

KelseyI’m a freelance Graphic Designer and previously worked as a Creative Director in fashion. My creative skills go hand in hand with my blogging and there’s nothing more satisfying than making my clients visions come to life whether that be a logo design or a photography campaign.

NbNAre you able to share more about Creative Gal Gang; how it started and its purpose.

KelseyI founded Creative Gal Gang when I first moved to London all the way from dusty old Australia. At first I found it quite daunting to start again in a new city where I knew no-one in the creative and blogging industry. After I'd initially made some fellow blogger friends, I thought it would be amazing to create a community that connected creative females who often worked alone. No matter what stage you’re at in your career or creative hobby, we’re all on the same journey and it’s important to remember that.

Kelsey Heinrichs

NbN: As an Australian who has moved across to the UK, are you able to let us know what you’re noticing are the key differences in your beauty regime, and products that you’re using in the UK that aren’t necessarily as important in Australia.

Kelsey: Since moving to the UK I’ve noticed I have to use a lot more products and pay extra attention to exactly what I’m using. The water is incredibly hard in London compared to Australia, therefore I’ve installed a filter on my shower otherwise the pollution is harsh on my skin and hair. The lack of sun and warm weather in the UK means having to take vitamin D tablets and using more hydrating serums and moisturisers.

NbNHave you noticed any beauty or fashion trends that you think are going to be big in the next 12 months?

KelseySelf-care and sustainability! Less is more is definitely on the rise again in both beauty and fashion with minimal make-up looks and making a conscious effort to wear less fast-fashion. I’ve been seeking more thought out fashion purchases, buying quality investment pieces I will love for years to come. Self-care is so important and a lot of that can relate to your beauty regime, and what makes you feel beautiful.

Kelsey Heinrichs

NbN: Speaking of beauty do you have a favourite Nude by Nature product, and why? 

KelseyThe Touch of Glow Highlight Stick in the shade Champagne because it makes me feel super fancy and gives such an extra glow to my make-up look.

NbNDo you have any favourite daily beauty hacks?

KelseyPapaw Ointment on just about everything. Us Aussies know!

NbNHow about beauty hacks for when you’re travelling?

KelseyWhen I’m travelling I always want to spend less time on my make-up and more time drinking cocktails by the beach, so I’ll usually just whack on some BB cream, mascara and lipstick to feel a bit more put together and then head out the door.

Kelsey Heinrichs

NbNIt looks like you love to explore the world, and travel to incredible destinations! Where are you planning on heading to in the next 6-12 months?

KelseyI’ve got a trip coming up to Egypt which I’m incredibly excited about! I’ll also be going back home to Australia as I aim to go back every six months to see my family and friends, and enjoy a cheeky bit of sunshine.

NbNHow are you finding living in London? Do you have any favourite places that you have loved discovering?

KelseyLiving in London - there’s endless things to do and see. I love sharing my favourite finds on Instagram under #KelseyinLondonSpots. Though one of my favourite places is definitely Broadway Market on a Saturday. There are so many cool shops, pubs and restaurants on that street and you can’t beat grabbing a beer and walking up to London Fields on a sunny day.

Kelsey Heinrichs

NbN: Last question! What are your plans for the next 12 months? Anything exciting that you can share with us?

Kelsey: I’m planning on moving out to a new place where I can focus on my interior styling and photography which is a big passion of mine, and will hopefully be a good segue into releasing my own product line. Stay tuned!


All images courtesy of Kelsey Heinrichs


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