Rebecca Gawthorne

We recently caught up with the super positive and energetic Rebecca Gawthorne - aka Nourish Naturally. The Sydney based dietitian and nutritionist is passionate about health and wellness, loves the great outdoors, and is also a fan of our cruelty-free make-up collection. You'll find her online on her website, Facebook, Instagram and also YouTube, where she has just started publishing videos. 

Take a read of our catch up chat with Rebecca below:

Nude by Nature (NBN): Can you share with us more about your background, and love for the fitness and wellness world.

Rebecca: I live in Cronulla with my husband, and I love all things food, health, fitness and summer. I studied a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Wollongong, and that absolutely changed my life when it comes to health. I was always into keeping active but after studying Dietetics, it will never cease to amaze me how important healthy, nourishing food is to our bodies. Food physically becomes you! It makes up every cell in your body – your muscles, hair, skin, heart. We need to nourish our bodies with healthy, real, wholesome foods to ensure our bodies function healthily, to feel energetic and live the life we were created to.

Rebecca Gawthorne

NBN: Have you always been interested in fitness and nutrition?

Rebecca: I always loved being active as a kid, which naturally turned into a love of fitness as I grew up, but I wasn’t really interested in nutrition until I studied food tech at school. I loved the health aspect of the subject, and decided to look into studying Dietetics at uni. The degree grew my passion for health and nutrition and now I absolutely love it!

NBNI read on your website about when you worked with the Royal Flying Doctor Services as The Flying Dietitian. Are you able to tell us a little more about that time in your life?

RebeccaYes, that’s correct. When I first graduated from University as a Dietitian, I worked as “The Flying Dietitian”. Each fortnight, I flew out to rural NSW for three days a week to work with indigenous communities in Walgett, Brewarrina and Bourke. I worked with these communities to set up fruit and vegetable gardens, conducted cooking classes and ran mum’s and bub’s nutrition classes, as well as working one-on-one with clients for Dietitian appointments. It was extremely challenging but very rewarding.

Rebecca Gawthorne

NBNWhat are a couple of your favourite tips about healthy eating?

RebeccaSkip the fad diets and choose to nourish your body with real, healthy food that you love! Healthy eating isn’t about depravation, it’s about loving your body and feeding it with food that makes you feel energised, happy and healthy. Life can get busy, so try to put a bit of time aside to do the food shopping so you can have healthy food in the house, as well as plan and prepare some of your meals. I always get asked what I eat, so if you want to know you can see here.

NBNWhat are your favourite Nude by Nature product(s), and why?

RebeccaI don’t always wear a full face of make-up, but I never leave the house  without touching up my brows and putting on some mascara. I love Nude by Nature’s Defining Brow Pencil and Allure Defining Mascara. Those two items come everywhere with me! I’ve also recently fallen in love with the Moisture Infusion Lipgloss in Peach Nude. It’s extremely nourishing, especially when I workout in the sun and wind. 

Rebecca Gawthorne

NBN: What do you think are a couple of the most important beauty products that every woman should own?

Rebecca: Whatever makes her feel happy in her own skin!  

NBNWe’ve just hit Spring here in Australia. Yay! I think we’re all looking forward to the warmer weather. What are a couple of your most beloved Spring and Summer things to do?

Rebecca: Yes, I can’t wait for summer! I’m definitely looking forward to the warmer weather. One of my favourite quotes is “Live in the sunshine, swim in the ocean, drink the wild air.” And that’s exactly what I plan to do during summer! 

Rebecca Gawthorne

NBNYou recently visited Japan. It’s such a beautiful country! What were a few of your personal highlights?

Rebecca: Japan is such an amazing country, and the people are so lovely! The food would have to be one of my favourite parts. They had the most delicious sushi and fresh sashimi I’ve ever eaten. In terms of places, I absolutely loved Kyoto, especially Gion; it has so much culture. I also loved the islands Ishigaki and Northern Okinawa. The beaches were beautiful, with crystal clear water as warm as a bath tub, perfect for snorkeling. I’ve written a Japan travel blog here with our travel itinerary and tips for anyone planning to travel to Japan.

NBNCan you share a couple of the top destinations on your travel bucket list?

RebeccaMy favourite destination I’ve ever been to is Reethi Beach in the Maldives. It’s the most beautiful tropical paradise with crystal clear waters, relaxed island vibes, consistent warm temperatures and stunning coral reefs. My husband and I were fortunate enough to travel to Reethi Beach for our honeymoon. The owners have just opened a new resort in the Maldives called Reethi Faru and that is #1 on my bucket list now.

Rebecca Gawthorne

NBNWhat are a few of your big 12 month goals?

Rebecca: I’ve recently launched my YouTube channel, so that will be my main focus for the next while. I love sharing science-based nutrition advice, and I think YouTube is such a fun way to do this.

NBN: Last question! As a Sydney local, are you able to share a couple of your favourite things that you’d recommend to any visitor?

RebeccaI would recommend visiting our beautiful Sydney beaches, especially Cronulla Beach! Cronulla has such a chilled, happy vibe and there are so many beautiful beach spots where you can hang out all day with the whole beach to yourself.

I would also recommend visiting The Grounds of Alexandria! I worked on their new Healthy Spring Menu, and they have so many delicious and nutritious options. Plus, it’s an Instagrammer’s heaven with its amazing decor and photo opportunities.

Rebecca Gawthorne

All images courtesy of Rebecca Gawthorne



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