Nude by Nature & Cityline partnership

We’re extremely excited to share that we were recently named the ‘Official Beauty Partner of Makeover Madness on Cityline’!

It’s a partnership we feel is extremely aligned with the Nude by Nature brand, and it runs through until 31st December this year. Cityline is Canada’s longest running daytime show for women. The popular lifestyle show has been running for more than 33 years with over one million viewers watching the show each week. Cityline is therefore regarded as being Canada’s top source for interior styling, beauty, fashion, health and food news and tips.

As the ‘Official Makeup Partner of Makeover Madness on Cityline - weekdays at 9am’ you’ll be able to discover more about the Nude by Nature brand, our cruelty-free make-up products and see Clint Dowdell, our Global Brand Ambassador live on the show talking about make-up, being part of viewer makeovers and sharing his top beauty tips.

Check out Clint talking about Nude by Nature and our good for you make-up collection, in the below video, shot in partnership with Cityline:

Jessica Stevenson, our Canadian General Manager is thrilled with the Cityline partnership announcement telling us: “We are delighted to have formed a united partnership with Cityline, as the Official Beauty Partner of Makeover Madness. As Canada’s longest running daytime show for women and a top source for the latest on fashion, health, beauty, decor and food; it was a perfect fit to propel the launch of Australian gem, Nude by Nature’s good for you, cruelty-free make-up, which is making its North American debut right here in Canada. We care about what you put in and on your body. Nude by Nature products are enriched with 100% natural ingredients and formulated without any unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives often found in cosmetics. We’re pleased to make natural, clean make-up now accessible at over 1,000 Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada and thank Cityline for helping us spread the word.”

Radiant Loose Powder Foundation

One of our most loved complexion make-up products is the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation. It’s a lightweight loose mineral powder foundation that delivers sheer to full coverage, and is composed of active natural ingredients including Kakadu Plum, known to have the world's richest source of natural Vitamin C, Jojoba Esters that nourish the skin and Kaolin Clay to absorb excess oil and to extend make-up wear.

It’s already been featured by Clint on Cityline, and he recently shared a few of his favourite tips for applying this best selling foundation with us, “The beauty of the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation is that you can really apply it any way you like because it’s so versatile. If you are looking for my secret to a fast, flawless application then press your make-up brush down into the mesh, turn it upward and then tap so the powder sinks into the brush. From here instead of buffing, gently press the powder into the skin building quickly to a medium coverage and then blend edges in a circular motion as needed. If you want a little bit more coverage simply repeat. It’s buildable from a light through to a full coverage, and  coming into winter, it’s great to build up on top of liquid foundation formulations as well for a little bit of extra coverage that doesn’t make you feel dry.”
If you’d like to see Clint in action, check out the make-up tutorial that he did on Cityline, featuring one of the members of the audience. He created a radiant, flawless make-up look featuring our Perfecting Primer, Perfecting Concealer, Radiant Loose Powder Foundation and Natural Glow Loose Bronzer. Watch the video on the Cityline website here.  

Kakadu PlumPerfecting PrimerDesert Lime

We continued our chat with Clint, asking him also about his top tips for figuring out your ideal foundation shade. He shared with us that “trying to find the perfect foundation shade is always the hardest part of the purchase. At Nude by Nature we have created a little system to make it a bit easier for you. Every shade has the undertone of the foundation; Cool (C), Neutral (N) or Warm (W). The number corresponds to how dark the foundation is from one through to 10 so when it comes to our Radiant Loose Powder Foundation if you’re a warm undertone with a light complexion you’d probably be Ivory W2, or if you’re a medium complexion with a neutral undertone then you’d be Silky Beige N4. The only way to truly know your colour is to simply try it on the skin in a place you can see easily. I use the jaw line, and I do a stripe of the three colours that I think will be closest to my skin tone and the one that you cannot see on the skin is the perfect one for you.”

Here at Nude by Nature ingredients matter. We are committed to delivering 100% naturally derived and cruelty-free make-up, formulated without unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives often found in cosmetics. We use only active natural ingredients to deliver high performing natural formulas with benefits that go beyond make-up. Ingredients like Bamboo Powder and Kaolin Clay help minimise pores and extend make-up wear. As Clint mentioned to us, “I think it’s great that everyone is starting to look a little bit more closely at what we eat, how much exercise we’re getting and now people are really starting to look at ingredients in cosmetics too. It’s important to think about everything that you put on your skin as much as it is what we put in our body, so I think products that use only natural ingredients and things that are good for the complexion are fantastic. Why undo all the good work we do by using great skin care by using make-up products that contain synthetic ingredients and preservatives. It’s finally easy to make the switch with Nude by Nature because the product works so well to give you the same beautiful skin that you can get with other foundations, naturally. So why wouldn’t you use the better product for your skin?”

Nude by Nature & Cityline partnership

We couldn’t resist also asking Clint about his experience so far on Cityline, and asked him about being on live TV. He told us, “I LOVE it! My background is performing, so it’s natural for me to feel great in this environment. I started doing make-up in my theatre company and eventually that led me to here, so it’s come full circle which is amazing to me. Also, the team at Cityline are so much fun and we fool around on and off camera so it’s a really relaxed and exciting vibe.”

Nude by Nature & Cityline partnership Nude by Nature & Cityline partnership

Our last question to Clint was about his favourite thing so far, “Other than the energy of everyone on set, Tracy is a dream to work with, and I’d have to say watching the makeovers walk out on set for the reveal. There is nothing better than seeing a person feel truly beautiful and strut their stuff on live TV. I always giggle at the extra swagger in their step, and the smile on their face truly inspires me.”

Make sure to tune in regularly to Cityline, and to discover more about Nude by Nature - the ‘Official Beauty Partner of Makeover Madness on Cityline’.

Nude by Nature is available exclusively in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart.


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