Liv is a UK based Beauty Blogger with a passion for writing and photography. Liv was first introduced to Nude by Nature through a Contour & Highlight Masterclass and has since been crazy about Australia’s number one mineral make-up brand since. Keep reading to see her in-depth review of some of her favourite make-up brushes from the Pro Brush Collection.

Pro Brush Collection Review

The first thing that caught Liv’s attention was the rose gold packaging of the make-up products and the chrome and matte brown handles of the make-up brushes.

“I have to say Nude by Nature totally nailed when it comes to their packaging. They are a joy to behold and to use and I feel super fly whenever I use them. I know it is very silly but I just feel really happy whenever I use them.”

Beyond the luxe packaging, Liv was glad to be using 100% cruelty-free brushes that were “really fluffy but also offer good control”. Every Nude by Nature brush is made of ultra-soft high quality synthetic fibres suitable for both beginners and make-up experts with the additional benefits of being more durable, hygenic and hypo-allergenic.

Concealer Brush

The Concealer Brush is one of the most reached for brushes in Liv’s brush collection.

“I use it with quite a few products and in different ways. I use it for pin point concealing and it works so well because it picks up the right amount of concealer. It also blends out nicely with as little waste as possible and I love that about it. I actually use it mainly for my eyeshadow because it has a beautiful flat shape which picks up eyeshadows or pigments so well and deposits it even better.”

Liv also shared her insider tip of using the Concealer Brush to apply and blend the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick as an eyeshadow base or highlighter. The multi-purpose nature of the Concealer Brush is what makes it a front-runner in Liv’s brush collection.

Pointed Precision Brush

The Pointed Precision Brush has been created to get to the smaller areas when using liquid and powder formulas on the face. However, in the past Liv hasn’t had much like with similar shaped brushes and was hesitant to try the Pointed Precision Brush:

“I always avoid brushes with this shape because I never find them effective for what I want. However, I was so happy to be proved wrong”

Liv tested the Pointed Precision Brush with multiple make-up formulas including the Liquid Mineral Concealer and Touch of Glow Highlighter Sticks:

“I prefer to use it for concealer. It is the perfect size for under my eyes and it fits in so well. The bristles do not irritate my under eye and it just blends out my concealer so well.”

She used the brush in both sweeping and patting motions to blend and finished her look by using the pointed end of the brush to rid of any eyeshadow fall-out or eyeliner smudges which “worked like a dream”.

Ultimate Perfecting Brush

Last but not least, The Ultimate Perfecting Brush was Liv’s favourite brush of the collection.

“I only use this brush for one thing and that’s contouring and it’s one of the best contouring brushes I have tried. The bristles are short, fluffy and have a good deal of control which is essential to get the perfect contour angle. I believe Becca has a similar brush to this but I have not tried it yet so I can’t compare although I do think they have a similar quality.”

The unique horizontal design and dense bristles of the Ultimate Perfecting Brush makes it the perfect brush for contouring and adding depth and definition to your face. The short handle also makes it easy to control it with the palm of your hand for the perfect application with even the most pigmented of powders.

See Liv’s original blog post here.



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